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Exclusive Resorts Website Redesign

We tailored Exclusive Resorts' website to its customers


  • 292%

    The quarterly increase in digital marketing leads

  • 73%

    Year-over-year decrease in cost per lead

  • $

    The responsive site launched on time and on budget

  • Exclusive Resorts Redesign on Desktop
  • Exclusive Resorts Redesign on Mobile

Key to Success:

  • Data-informed messaging ensured creative that drove results
  • A UX that was backed by user testing and analysis
  • Media targeting modeled after the demographics of Exclusive Resorts most profitable customers


Exclusive Resorts members enjoy a very high-touch, personalized experience when at an Exclusive Resorts property, they need to mirror that experience in the digital ecosystem for acquiring membership and for current members, pre-stay and post-stay.

Exclusive Resorts is also targeting a very specific customer which makes acquisition and lead qualification a challenge.   

The original public-facing site was built on a traditional website structure that was better suited for standard, transaction-based organizations. Users were expected to know what information they were interested in and navigate the site to a pre-determined destination. This was a sub-optimal experience when trying to gain commitment to a luxury vacation club.


  • Create and launch new public site that’s aligned with mission and value of VIP travel where exceptional is the expectation and not the exception
  • Provided design for separate members' site to be implemented on third-party platform
  • Paid search targeting and creative messaging based on demographic data
  • Paid social look-alikes and remarketing
  • Audit, recommend, and implement analytics tagging for future optimization

The responsive site launched on time and on budget.

“Merkle really does just feel like an extension of our own organization. What was most important to me in making a selection of a partner, was that they were able to grow with us, and Merkle is going to be constantly challenging us to get better and smarter and find new ways of doing things. Their breadth of services is perfect for us.”

Kristen Nolte

Chief Marketing Officer, Exclusive Resorts

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