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A Family Entertainment Company Goes from Local to International


  • 360°

    View of their customers

  • 60+

    Monthly campaigns

Key to Success:

  • Implementing Merkle Data Management Cloud (MDMC)
  • Coupling MDMC with Adobe Campaign
  • Integrating advanced campaign reporting with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server
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To launch the expansion of its international CRM activities, the brand had to overcome many obstacles, including:

  • Database gaps and inefficiencies: existing database was outdated, inflexible, and updated monthly versus daily
  • Marketing campaign limitations: Existing campaign application was antiquated and required manual intervention resulting in low productivity, missed opportunities, and an inability to support new channels or innovation
  • Email management issues: existing email service lacked response data to accurately capture response attribution and audience counts

Simply put, these impediments were preventing this company from successfully launching an international CRM integration. As a result, Merkle was chosen as the partner to recommend and implement solutions to support its global CRM strategy.


Merkle initially implemented the Merkle Data Management Cloud (MDMC) – a five component CRM solution including marketing database, identity management, data management platform integration, insights platform, and data sourcing and enhancement.

The MDMC was then coupled with Adobe Campaign to allow easy execution of sophisticated campaigns with a high level of automation, management, and monitoring across multiple channels. Adobe Campaign was deployed and integrated with an existing email service provider, perfectly satisfying substantial email response data requirements.

Lastly, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server was integrated to support advanced campaign reporting and to provide crucial business intelligence to the team.

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