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Fujifilm transforms its image through a cross-industry media campaign


After years of diversification and acquisition, Fujifilm was a technology company with expertise across a broad range of industries. Outside Japan, however, they were still largely known for photographic film. The company wanted to reposition its brand to better define and express it's vast capabilities and diverse offerings.


Due to unprecedented technological change and innovation, FOMO is real among businesses, and to survive, the company's only choice was going to be a journey of constant transformation. Through the collaboration of gyro and B2B International, within Merkle B2B, a campaign was developed to create a new brand positioning for Fujifilm, “Never Stop,” capturing both the drive of Fujifilm and the business imperative of digital transformation.

The spirited campaign launched through an integrated multi-channel media strategy to reach the C-Suite across general industries and healthcare. In addition to out-of-home (OOH), digital out-of-home (DOOH), print, and digital, a partnership with CNN drove awareness and deeper engagement through TV and digital. This campaign launched in the US and has since rolled out across EMEA and APAC.



 Impressions were delivered, bringing delivered CPM down to 30% 


Video completion rates were an unheard of 74.7% vs the 41.1% benchmark


Increase in familiarity and a 30% increase in favorability


Increase in perception of Fujifilm as an innovative brand—with 70% of those that engaged wanting to know more

Keys to success:

  • An adherence to six strategic principles throughout the engagement: developing a purpose-led brand, being emotionally and culturally relevant, leveraging the power of a portfolio brand, building credibility through tangible proof and partnerships, enabling high-impact media and partnerships, and being research-driven and driving continuous improvement.
  • The ability to reach business leaders across every sector via highly targeted key industry publications, airports, and online media.
  • An overarching value proposition for Fujifilm that encapsulated each of its business divisions through their value propositions and messaging across all of the industries they serve.

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