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How Albertsons is Leveraging CDPs to Reimagine Customer Experiences


COVID-19 caused a sudden influx of shoppers into ecommerce channels. This trend, while prevalent in the retail industry, was especially prominent in the supermarket and grocery business. Shoppers demanded flexible offerings that supported their new shopping needs.

Albertsons needed to not only engage demand with new and improved omnichannel services in the short term, but also capitalize on the expanded customer reach in the long term by building better digital experiences that eased customer onboarding and encouraged retention.

To enable this bold transition, Albertsons partnered with Merkle and ActionIQ to implement a customer data platform (CDP).


The team started by unifying data across channels into one central system to create a single view of the customer. Enabling identity capabilities, we distinguished attributes applicable to audience enrichment. This led to the discovery of different use cases and areas of opportunity to improve the customer experience through personalization. Audiences were built for targeting across channels with campaigns being activated through data streaming and batch data unification in the CDP. This established a consistent customer experience (CX) and messaging within the customer journey. Campaign activation times were streamlined as manual processes were replaced by creating efficiencies across tools.

Key areas of focus:

  1. Data collection – both first- and third-party data
  2. Profile unification – stitching together terrestrial and digital attributes into unified customer profiles
  3. Segmentation – centralizing the audience segmentation function for the enterprise
  4. Signalization – creating 1:1 signals and microsegments that can be used for personalization
  5. Activation – driving engagement across both batch and real-time channels
  6. Attribution – enabling closed-loop measurement and attribution methodology
  7. Platform architecture – delivering business value by architecting platform enhancements

Learn how Albertsons partnered with Merkle and ActionIQ to quickly stand up business use cases that drive powerful customer experiences.

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CDP-enabled use cases launched in four months


Increase in weekly clip rate for CDP-enabled offers


Increase in weekly redemption rate for CDP-enabled offers


Week reduction in time-to-market for enabling customer engagement for new offerings

Keys to success

  • Organizational alignment on platform architecture and stakeholder buy-in on the role of the CDP.
  • Agile process that supports speed to market, retrospectives and honest conversations for continuous improvement.
  • Establishing consistent CX and messaging within the customer journey
  • Platform enhancements: abandon cart and customer onboarding flow to support additional segmentation.

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