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Increasing JetBlue Bookings with Paid Search


  • 169%

    Increase in paid search bookings YOY

  • 94%

    Increase in click traffic YOY

  • 184%

    Increase in revenue

  • 8%

    Increase in return on ad spend

  • 39%

    Increase in conversion rate

  • JetBlue Customers Who Have Visited Popular Leisure Routes
  • JetBlue Targeted Paid Search Ads
  • JetBlue Getaways Landing Pages

Key to Success:

  • Separating paid search budgets between two programs
  • Expand keyword coverage
  • Ad copy tailored for RLSAs
  • Tailored landing pages
  • Analysis of data and fine-tuning of bidding strategy


In 2013, the travel industry was seeing a mix of consumer behavior. Post-recession, there was an increased willingness to spend on high-quality travel experiences, but there was still a decline in the number of leisure trips people were taking each year. JetBlue wanted to build on these trends and focus on increasing the revenue of its Getaways program, which provides flight and hotel packages to consumers.

For their Getaways program, JetBlue set a primary objective of increasing paid search bookings by 40% and a secondary goal of increasing paid search traffic.


Step 1

The team separated the budgets between the JetBlue Getaways and JetBlue Air campaigns to better manage budgeting, spend, and return on advertising spending (ROAS), allowing them to implement specific strategies for Getaways keywords and bid to their appropriate value.

Step 2

We expanded keyword coverage, adding keywords for partner hotels, auditing and testing ad copy, and creating new tailored landing pages for destination regions.

Step 3

The team tailored ad copy with remarketing lists for search ads, or RLSAs, which allow advertisers to target users differently depending on if they’ve visited certain pages of their website. In one instance, the team set up the campaign to target jetBlue Airways visitors who had previously visited popular leisure route pages on their site – for example, JFK to MCO. Using RLSAs, they served this target audience ads that promoted the Getaways segment of JetBlue’s site.

If the ad was clicked, the customer landed on the Getaways pages that were relevant to their search. This tailored approach alone resulted in a click-through rate that was 10 times higher and bookings that were 62% higher.

Step 4

Tailored landing pages were developed for JetBlue Getaways keywords in order to improve conversion rates.

Step 5

The team analyzed performance data from the account, and then reassessed and fine-tuned the bidding strategy.

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