Integrated CRM and Digital Media Drive Customer Acquisition

Increasing targeted customer conversion rate 2.4X


  • 20%

    Site visitors categorized into a high-value list segment and marketed to post-site visit

  • 24%

    Conversion rate among high-value customers during the first two weeks of the test, up from 10%




US / Global


A leading telecommunications company wanted to increase potential customers’ conversion rate into high-value packages by providing them with an experience based on their prior interactions with their website.

In their current environment, all media was targeted to bring customers to the same landing page experience.


The Merkle digital strategy team worked directly with the client, their media agency, and our search team to identify a way to utilize first- and third-party data to build propensity models for each new visitor to the web site. 

Once visitors were categorized, they were placed into specific segments for future marketing, enable ad and landing page personalization according to their likely products.

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