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International Strategy Playbooks Lead to Global Search Revenue Growth

Grew international search program revenue 17% YOY


  • 17%

    Revenue growth YOY across international digital programs

  • 10

    International playbooks designed in the first six months of program

Key to Success:

  • Country-specific playbooks informed the client of the nuances of each market
  • A top-down approach focused on the broader business environment and macroeconomic factors
  • Reports included a variety of relevant market factors including search trends, customer media and device usage trends, competitor makeup and market share, and privacy and regulatory concerns


A major retailer had a large-scale global digital marketing program running in 80+ countries. Prior to Merkle taking over the program, the client was operating with a lack of regional knowledge about the countries in which they were operating.

They were applying the same marketing strategy across different countries and translating advertising to local targeting and terminology.

Additionally, the Merkle team was expanding into countries in which the client had never previously executed digital marketing programs.

There was a great deal of country-specific research needed to overcome the lack of global knowledge necessary to optimize international campaigns.


We developed a tailored market analysis and strategy for each country. By building country-specific playbooks, Merkle’s digital strategy team was able to help both the client and internal team understand the ins and outs of each market from a digital, cultural and economic perspective.

Rather than a bottom-up approach that starts with brand or product focus, the strategy for these playbooks was a top-down approach.

The research began by exploring broader business environment and macroeconomic factors that impact a country. This includes general and industry-specific search trends, customer media and device usage trends, competitor makeup and market share, and privacy and regulatory concerns, to name a few.

From there, the playbook’s research honed in on factors specific to the client’s international website and search program.

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