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Leading Automobile Manufacturer Gains Deep Insight into Buyer Journey


  • +5MM

    Records ingested daily through automated process

  • 40%

    Time saved on analytics by consolidating data sources

  • 2

    Months for onboarding the data platform

Key to Success:

  • Ability to rapidly onboard data and react to changes
  • Cohesive team that clearly understood its members’ roles and responsibilities
  • Strong analytics expertise to map out the customer journey
  • Cloud-based tools that scale to store large amounts of historical data as well as visualize the results


A leading automobile manufacturer sought to identify the different steps that a purchaser took before buying a car. The brand understood that consumers came to its web site, visited a dealer, and performed a test drive, but wanted to know more about the journey users take and their path to purchase. Doing this required bringing together disparate data from multiple sources and from parts of the business that had never worked together before.  All this data needed to be analyzed, cleansed, and deduped so activities wouldn’t be double counted and so that inaccurate data didn’t cloud the findings.  Lastly, the data needed to be linked across the manufacturer's different touchpoints to enable the user journey to be stitched together.


  • The RAL platform for ingesting and centralizing data through APIs and flat file data feeds was quickly implemented
  • We analyzed Provider data and made multiple recommendations for cleansing the source feeds
  • The platform ingested several hundred feeds that accounted for over two years of historical behavior and purchase activity
  • Our data scientists built the process and its necessary links to individuals across data feeds
  • Our analytics team created a monthly report to view and then evaluate the customer journey over time

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