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Leading Tech Manufacturer Increases E-Commerce Revenue and ROI through Targeted, Dynamic, and Personalized Offers


Maximize ROI and streamline operations while delivering highly relevant and timely email offers to customers with high conversion potential.


Both audience targeting and creative content were automated using analysis and sophisticated business logic. 

A core set of purchase-likely, e-commerce audience segments were defined through past campaign and recent behavioral analysis as well as through look-alike modeling.

Those audiences were then mapped to the most relevant product content per customer, using direct web CMS data feeds.

Journey mapping helped our client develop a strategy for serving relevant content to the right users

The Technical Solution

The creative solution:

  • Develop a creative template within brand standards that meets automation requirements
  • Maintain strong brand recognition
  • Maintain premium experience
  • Design functional areas for dynamic content that align to development requirements and accommodate the client’s CMS data specs
  • Create flexibility within the template to include or exclude non-dynamic ad hoc promotional content
  • Dynamic copy in the subject line and pre-header text to create a compelling inbox view

Evolution of the template:

  1. Initial creative comp for automation
  2. Header and text color changes; static promotional content inclusion
  3. Updated navigation bar and consistent CTA button color
  4. Header copy updates, pill shaped CTA buttons, new shop footer and new “free shipping” banner copy
  5. Header text and CTA color changes to align with brand and premium content style
  6. Copy updates and hero image placement change


Decrease in weekly average hours needed to maintain email program
Increase in YoY click rate
Increase in YoY open rate
Increase in directly attributed unique visitors
Increase in directly attributed site traffic
Increase in directly attributed revenue

Keys to success

Email marketing
Database services
Creative Services
Segmentation Strategy
Account Strategy

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