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People-Based Marketing Delivers Year-over-Year Growth for EmblemHealth


  • 6%

    Reduction in cost per response for Medicare's Annual Enrollment period

  • 11%

    Reduction in cost per lead for Medicare's Annual Enrollment period

  • 13%

    Reduction in cost per member for Medicare's Annual Enrollment period

  • +218%

    Improvement on response goals during Health Insurance Exchange Open Enrollment

  • +169%

    Improvement on lead goals during Health Insurance Exchange Open Enrollment

  • +324%

    Improvement on member goals during Health Insurance Exchange Open Enrollment

Key to Success:

  • An addressable strategy delivered via creative customized by channel
  • A foundation in data including media mix optimization and lead models
  • Technology enablement via Merkle’s marketing automation services and prospecting database
  • A strong client agency partnership
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Video Overview


EmblemHealth is a key New York healthcare payor selling Medicare and New York State of Health plans directly to consumers. Under the Affordable Care Act, there is a limited Open Enrollment period to attract new members who sign up for the Health Insurance Exchange; similarly, there is a limited annual enrollment period for Medicare.

EmblemHealth works with Merkle to make the most of this crucial fixed period as 80% of new Medicare and Exchange members are enrolled in Q4.


Using an approach grounded in data and analytic models, EmblemHealth drove impressive results in 2016.  

Data informed every decision behind spend, channel, and creative. Media mix optimization models helped determined what is most effective for different segments and informed spend allocation to drive stronger results. Through continuous optimization, the campaign grew more efficient every day.

Online and offline media mix included:

  • Out-of-home subway ads to spread general awareness
  • DRTV spots to create targetable reach
  • Direct mail, particularly for the over 65 audience
  • Paid search and display targeting warm prospects to encourage them to convert
  • Landing pages that enabled information capture for lead nurturing
  • Paid social media using look-alike pools to target ideal prospects

This approach helped EmblemHealth surpass every goal while reducing the cost per lead.

Discover how we did it. Contact us today.