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Sweetwater: Accelerating Revenue Growth with Account Restructure


  • 31%

    Percentage by which we beat our goal from October-May

  • 75%

    Reduction in number of ad groups, allowing for faster and more efficient troubleshooting.

  • 76%

    Percentage of keywords being bid using data from a more narrowly defined set of characteristics, a 24% improvement.

  • 86%

    Impression growth

  • -1%

    Average cost per click YOY on non-brand terms, falling from an average of 15%


Our objective was to accelerate revenue growth in Sweetwater’s mature account to 25% and improve efficiency by revamping the campaign and ad group structure.

Monthly revenue growth

Merkle has managed paid search marketing for Sweetwater since 2004. Over the past twelve years, Merkle sustained paid search revenue growth at a compound annual growth rate of over 20%. In recent years, we have challenged ourselves to continue to drive strong growth rates on what is an already heavily optimized, mature account.


We used insights from a DSA test and the improved taxonomy on the site to inform our reorganization. A DSA test revealed that a significant volume of search queries were more efficient when being served via a Google DSA than from a keyword.

To take advantage of this finding, we reduced the total volume of keywords in the account and segmented our DSA campaigns to a higher level of granularity. 

Another focal point of the restructure was to improve alignment of our categorization to changes in the taxonomy of the Sweetwater site. This cleaner data and structure meant queries with similar value would receive appropriately similar bids.

Growth YOY in Click Volume, Next to Decline in Cost per Click


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