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Member Lookup Portal Improves Customer Experience


  • 360°

    Holistic view of the donor and transparency into membership details to increase relationships with valued donors and accounts

  • An ability to view performance and engagement at the membership level for both state and local members


A large nonprofit organization’s state and local offices had no way to look up membership details. When individuals called in to their office, they could not confirm membership, view upcoming renewal dates, or monitor other membership events.

Local office representatives had to tell members to contact the organization’s Contact Center to make updates to their profiles, which led to confusion. This lack of connection to customer information was creating headaches on both sides of the customer relationship.


Merkle designed and implemented an integrated state and local office membership lookup portal.

This portal:

  • Provides employees with access to:
    • Individual demographic, engagement, and contribution information
    • Account information (length of membership, renewal and publication issue dates)
  • Has flexible search features that allow users to look up members or accounts in multiple ways
  • Supports the company’s complex many-to-many relationships between individuals and accounts
  • Uses a design that returns results consistently within service level agreement (SLA) parameters
  • Provides an edit feature for users to update individual information (name, address). This data is spooled into a weekly extract to the Contact Center.
  • Offers a back-end session tracking tool that allows them to analyze portal usage and other metrics


Everybody in the organization has access to all the information and functionality they need. Not only does this reduce a huge headache for members and employees, but it sets the stage to look at membership metrics in several new ways.

This will translate to better communication with members, elevated perception of the value of membership, greater membership renewals, and higher revenue.

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