Onboarding Emails and Lifecycle Management Increase Customers’ Lifetime Value Potential


  • Comfort with online shopping by keeping the customer informed about their order status, in control of their preferences, and aware of their options on returns and exchanges

  • Perception of the brand by displaying the brand’s personality and sharing ratings

  • Sales by offering “complete your outfit” cross-sell items, online sale items, and directing customers back to the website


A retail clothing brand was experiencing low retention rates among first-time online purchasers.


We helped to develop an email program unique to first-time online purchasers and designed to strengthen the customer relationship while driving additional sales. We also supported it with cross-media messaging opportunities.

We suspected that a major reason for customer attrition after an online purchase was the immediate availability of this brand in third-party retail stores combined with a weak follow-up experience to online purchases.

This six-touch on-boarding stream was designed to impact the customer at the onset of their lifecycle, encourage satisfaction with online shopping, and create a subsequent online purchase.

A second online purchase was a strong indicator of long-term retention and thereby significantly higher lifetime value.

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