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People-Based Marketing Increases HCP Engagement and Marketing Impact

Key to Success:

  • Building channel plans at cluster level – based on responsiveness clusters.
  • Based budget decisions on interactions and their impact on the RX Outcome.


As sales rep access to prescribers continues to decline and digital information channels become widely used, health care professionals rely on an increasing number of non-personal promotional channels for information about brands.

Today, brand marketing communications to HCPs is becoming increasingly “personalized” – seeking to deliver the “right information using the right channel” based on individual preferences and behaviors.

The channels by which health care providers can be reached


The pathway from “evaluation of options” to “treatment choice” is impacted by a large number of complex interactions and numerous marketing communications.

Marketing budget decisions depend on understanding how all these interactions impact the Rx outcomes.

The decision journey for health care providers

... AND individual HCPs respond differently to messaging and each interaction. Most measurement approaches, however, do not properly account for differences in individual responsiveness to these interactions.


Multi-level modeling using a mixed-modeling framework is key.

Multi-level modeling

There are mathematically sound and robust approaches to capturing individual differences in responsiveness, moving the model output from a broad national impact measurement to a series of sub-national views, which creates a much more effective guideline for marketing investment decisions.

Mathematically sound approaches



The model output is a score – by HCP – of channel response.

Model output scoring

We build channel plans at cluster level – based on responsiveness clusters.

Channel plans at a cluster level


Results over the life of the program


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