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Responsive Design with 1-800 Contacts in Under 12 Weeks

From a two-site solution to a fully responsive solution


  • 8.9%

    Increase in conversion rate on responsive site vs. m.site

  • In SEO traffic with single URL solution

  • Reduction in maintenance costs with single site

Key to Success:

  • The new mobile solution was informed by a review of analytics and data
  • A focus on conversion and ease of maintenance meant a better experience for customers and less ongoing investment for 1-800 Contacts
  • A/B testing was conducted to ensure customer satisfaction after launching the responsive site


A separate m.site was hurting 1-­800 Contacts with maintenance costs and poor SEO. In an ideal world, mobile customers would be able to quickly access the most popular brands and check out seamlessly.


After careful analysis of 1-800 Contacts analytics and data, we designed a responsive experience that would deliver conversions, as well as easier maintenance for the 1-800 Contacts website team. We preformed A/B testing against the existing m.site post launch in an effort to test consumer acceptance of the new mobile experience.

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