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Search Improvement Continues after 12 Months


  • 368%

    Increase in qualified brand leads among patients

  • 65%

    Reduction in brand lead cost among patients

  • $76

    Cost per lead among patients, down from $218 CPL

  • 60%

    Reduction in time during which results improved with HCPs

  • 66%

    Budget cost, with higher KPIs, among HCPs


A top-5 global pharmaceutical company engaged Merkle to improve search efforts for one of its blockbuster brands’, resulting in increased patient acquisition and significant cost savings.

Merkle offers a data-driven SEM and search engine optimization (SEO) approach that places search in the center of the digital ecosystem. The brand previously had its search efforts on auto-pilot through a large media holding company, which led to underperformance in all key metrics.


The Merkle global search team continued to focus on optimizing and exceeding baseline performance into 2014. Following industry-leading best practices, the team continued to implement tactics such as:

  • Daily review of keyword-level performance, along with strategic bid management and budget allocations, allowed continued optimization of performance.
  • Utilization of CRM data provided insight into which registrations were becoming qualified leads, allowing increased budgetary focus and further optimization for those keywords.
  • Continuous ad copy and landing page testing ensured optimal user experience.
  • Adjustments to already built campaigns created a multi-keyword match type approach with a large number of negative keywords. Tracking was moved from copy to a keyword level in order to gain more visibility into keyword performance.
  • Calibration of campaign settings maximized budget allocation and lead acquisition.

The Merkle approach effectively held statistically significant increases in savings. With continued budget pressure, Merkle was able to hold and reverse costs while the brand continued to benefit from high patient acquisition and improved engagements.

Looking Ahead

Can we get more personal with search? Yes. The future of search includes opportunities to increase both message and media targeting, based on known and anonymous data. This will ensure we continue to deliver the right message at the right time via the right device / channel.

Future search innovations include:

  • GEO targeting to localize message/experience and drive higher conversion rates and efficiencies in the overall media plan
  • Connected CRM data to define unique reach opportunities against high-value physicians and patients
  • Re-marketing to HCPs as part of a unique bidding strategy

Discover how we did it. Contact us today.