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How To Raise the CX Bar by Strategically Collecting and Operationalizing Data

Today, brands must strategize and organize the data they collect and plan how they will use it within their marketing program. New mindsets must be grasped for more calculated data collection. How should brands operationalize the right data to power the world-class experiences that customers expect?
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Why Are Marketers Studying Anti-Spam Content?

New year, same inbox? This one starts with millions of online shoppers noticing a significant uptick in phishing scams around the holiday season, as well as interest among marketers about consumers potentially deleting marketing emails altogether.
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Bridge the Bizible Gap: Turn Analytics into Actions

Reporting solutions, such as Bizible, provide valuable intelligence to help companies make better decisions around marketing spend. However, there is no easy button to gain those insights. With Bizible, some organizations experience issues with a setup that doesn’t scale.
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Leveraging the Power of Strategic Partnerships in Media Planning

In today’s landscape of fragmented media consumption, strategic partnerships present exciting opportunities to introduce brands to consumers in new and unexpected ways. Over time, partnerships can achieve a variety of customized goals and initiatives unique to each brand’s needs and vision.
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Four Digital Experience and Commerce Trends That Shaped 2021

In 2021, marketers were challenged to create experiences that put consumers in the driver’s seat, re-engage customers who stopped engaging during the pandemic, prioritize consumer privacy with data collection, and start marketing to a new generation of customers.