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May 24, 2019
MarTech Advisor

Key Principles for a Successful CDP Adoption

The marketing world has seen a rapid uptick in the interest and adoption of CDPs, however, successful implementation depends on several factors. Craig Howard, Vice President, Technology, Chief Solution Architect, Merkle, discusses the key tenets marketers should keep in mind when planning for this.
Author: Craig Howard
May 16, 2019
MarTech Advisor

Four Essentials to Implementing a People-Based Marketing Strategy

Providing the right content at the right time and the right place – this is the holy grail for all marketers and brands. Anto Inigo, Associate Director at Merkle, discusses the important areas in which analytics can play a key role when planning for a customer-centric execution.
April 26, 2019
The Financial Brand

New Tech Turns Bank Call Centers Into Marketing Data Goldmine

Digitally-savvy financial marketers too often forget that good old fashioned telephone calls are still excellent consumer engagement tools. Thanks to newer call technology platforms, financial institutions can now expect the same level of sophisticated analytics capabilities that marketing professionals get from digital channels.
Author: Nimish Doshi
April 17, 2019
NonProfit PRO

Key Insights for Creating a Winning Facebook Engagement Strategy

It’s no surprise that Facebook has cemented its role in nonprofit marketers’ plans for raising awareness and building loyal brand ambassadors. As part of an integrated, multichannel strategy, social media is more than a publishing platform—it facilitates a meaningful, two-way conversation to connect with supporters, empower advocates and increase awareness for charitable causes.
Author: Eve Smith