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October 26, 2021
Ad Exchanger

Understanding Customer Journey Analytics

It’s no secret that consumers expect companies to care about their needs and personalize their individual journeys. Brands, once fueled largely by advertising, are now driven through customer experiences.
Author: Beth Sanville
October 25, 2021

Ad Execs Turn Their Focus To 'Content,' 'ROI'

"Content marketing" and "marketing ROI" were among the most-consumed topics by brand-side marketers in the last week, according to Bombora Company Surge. For most companies, driving leads (or sales transactions in B2C) and brand awareness are a top business priority.
Author: Michael McLaren
October 21, 2021
Retail Customer Experience

Navigating a frictionless experience in the cookieless world

Shirli Zelcer, head of data and analytics at Merkle, explains the impact of privacy regulations around data collection and the deprecation of the third-party cookie and why both trends arecausing marketers to completely reevaluate approaches to customer experience.
Author: Shirli Zelcer
October 19, 2021

Marketers Are Studying Brand Safety, Chatbots

By now we know that many of the changes brought forth by the pandemic such as digital self-service, social commerce and so on will be permanent. The elimination of in-person activities places more emphasis on digital transformation.
Author: Michael McLaren