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April 23, 2020

Quickly Pivoting Promotions During A Pandemic

Consumer attitudes and behaviors are heavily influenced by social, economic, and political factors. Marketers often deal with shifts in these areas, but COVID-19 has significantly impacted almost every aspect of our lives in unprecedented ways.
Author: Chris Wayman
April 16, 2020
Search Engine Journal

How to Succeed in Google Discover

Google Discover (previously known as Google Feed) is a personalized content feed created by Google that proactively serves relevant content to users. While traditional search requires users to input a query, Google Discover anticipates user behavior to surface new and interesting content.
Author: Abby Hamilton
April 09, 2020

How Media Brands Can Fulfill Customer Needs During COVID-19

The news and concerns around COVID-19 have brought forth increased anxiety and uncertainty in many Americans. In times like these, it is inevitable that people will look for distractions and a way to escape the stress caused by the impacts of this public health crisis.
Author: Don Steele
April 03, 2020
Demand Gen Report

The High-Tech CMO’s Marketing Imperatives For 2020

Everyone is talking about the importance of customer experience across the marketing landscape, and CMOs in the high-tech vertical seem to be feeling the most pressure. In high-tech, customer experience is fundamental, as it relates to the experience that a company’s products deliver to its users.
Author: Sylvain Panzani | Uday Vir Nayar