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November 11, 2020

Merkle’s Merkury ID Goes To MediaMath’s SOURCE

Little by little, inventions and partnerships are working to heal a digital advertising world wounded by the erosion of third-party identity tracking. In the latest, MediaMath’s Source buying DSP is integrating another identity solution, purporting to support the identification of consumers across devices on premium publishers’ sites, without cookies.
Author: John Lee
Topics: Identity Resolution
November 04, 2020
ToolBox Marketing

Connected CX: Invest In Your Customers And The Right Marketing Technology

What do we mean by customer identity, data capture, and connection levels? We’re talking about detailed data flow documentation, which captures customer engagement points, the data (specifically identity data) captured at these points, and how these data points flow through internal and external systems and ultimately contribute to a holistic view of your customer.
Author: Kelly O'Hara
Topics: Data SolutionsIdentity ResolutionMarketing Technology
October 29, 2020

Expect Amazon to Accelerate its Healthcare Positioning in Three Key Areas

In September 2019, we discussed the definition and impact of the “Amazon Effect” in personalized health, a phenomenon we suggested would shape a “future of hyper-personalization in healthcare marketing.” One year on, in a health environment where change has been accelerated by COVID-19, the products and services offered by Amazon in this vertical have rapidly evolved
Author: Kent Groves, PhD | Keya Paul
Topics: Health & Wellness | Health Insurance | Performance Media & Digital Advertising