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December 11, 2019
MarTech Advisor

How to Make Digital Transformation a Reality

The old establishment and business models have been disrupted by new innovative startups, providing a digital-first experience. Consumer preferences and the application of technology are evolving rapidly. Where is your company on the curve of transformation?
Author: Deepak Narisety
November 22, 2019

A successful 2020 starts right now!

Always two steps ahead, successful marketers are planning for 2020 as their consumers buy turkeys and decorate the house. Next year is right around the corner and, if you haven’t already started, it’s time to tackle your first quarter consumer engagement strategy. Leverage the tactics below to build the foundation for 2020, your best year yet.
November 21, 2019
Digital Commerce 360

Loyalty programs and promotions: Keys to collecting first‑party data

First-party data is information that companies collect directly from the consumer, and allows for personalized and compelling interactions with customers. This valuable data can be collected effectively both through loyalty programs and promotions.
November 18, 2019
MarTech Advisor

Key Insights to Inform the Future of Your CRM

With marketers spending more and more of their budget on personalization tactics, the need for people-based marketing strategies is growing and customer relationship marketing (CRM) is beginning to evolve.
Author: Jose Cebrian
November 14, 2019
MarTech Advisor

The Need for a Centralized Analytics Team

How can a centralized analytics team help not only break down organizational silos but also help learn more about your customers and their behaviors across channels? This team model allows visibility into learnings that can be applied across media/channels and share knowledge/data across teams to enable a meaningful customer journey.