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September 22, 2016
Chief Marketer

Why B2B Buying Decisions are Personal

Whether we want to admit it or not, our B2B buying decisions have an association with our personal desires. The reasons we choose one option over another tie back to personal needs and consequences. There is a natural cognitive bias that influences what we determine to be favorable options.
Author: Jennifer Perry
Topics: B2B
August 15, 2016
CIO Review

The New Rules of MarTech Integration

The only two things in this world that are consistent are death and change. If you are in the world of marketing technology, there is no time to contemplate change, because it is constant and rapid. Evidence of change in MarTech is highly visible and progressive as revealed by Scott Brinker from chiefmartech.com who has been charting marketing technology companies since 2011.
Author: Matthew Mobley
Topics: Marketing Technology
August 10, 2016
The Financial Brand

4 Key Trends Driving the Credit Card Market

Across the spectrum of banking products, credit card portfolios remain a shining star. Low losses and strong net interest margins are driving robust profitability. Because of continuing positive long-term unemployment trends, consumers have been willing to take on more card debt, fueling healthy growth in the industry.
Author: Marc Bellanger
Topics: Financial Services
August 01, 2016
Marketing Land

The path to one-to-one content marketing

If you’re familiar with my column, you know I have generally been focused on direct response, bottom-of-the-funnel (email) marketing that drives the consumer to action. That’s changing (a little). These last-click-attribution type marketing tactics are fun and easy because they are predictable.
Author: Jose Cebrian
Topics: Attribution