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July 24, 2017
Hotel Business Review

How Hotel Brands Can Activate Loyalty Data to Create Great Experiences

When I travel for business, I often return to the same city frequently - and when I do, I usually check into my favorite hotel. No matter how many times I return to that hotel, however, the front desk agents always treat me as if it's my first stay. They acknowledge my platinum status, certainly, and welcome me by name.
Author: Allison Cripps
Topics: Travel & Hospitality | Promotions & Customer Loyalty Solutions
July 20, 2017
The Financial Brand

The 3 Pillars of a Successful Onboarding Strategy in Banking

In financial marketing, there is a heavy emphasis on acquisition. There are goals — a specific number of new customers must be acquired in a given timeframe and within budget. While quality of those new customers is often discussed and debated, quantity usually takes priority. Then everyone is stuck with making these customers (more) profitable.
Author: Jeff Nagel
Topics: Financial Services
July 20, 2017
Search Engine Land

Amazon Prime Day's surprising effects on Google AdWords performance

Prime Day is now Amazon’s largest sales day of the year, growing more than 60 percent YoY and surpassing last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, according to Amazon’s numbers. With so much shopping activity, many retailers now see ripple effects across different marketing channels stemming from Amazon’s big sales day, which was held on July 11 this year.
Author: Andy Taylor
Topics: Amazon and eRetail MarketingSearch Engine Marketing (PPC)
July 19, 2017
Search Engine Land

Did you know? Google sees JavaScript links you don’t

Most SEMs are aware by now that Google is parsing JavaScript and processing content within the DOM. We know this not only because Google has flat out told us, but also because it has been tested. We know all of this — and yet, tools which provide backlink data are only seeing classically formatted <a href> HTML elements listed within a given page’s source code.
Author: Kyla Becker
Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
July 12, 2017

Know Your Donor Through Analytics

Simply put, analysis provides data-centered insight to your critical questions. In that mindset, the questions asked are more important than the tools and techniques used to answer them. Merkle's Chris Pritcher, Vice President, Audience Analytics, discusses the right questions to ask when combating shrinking donor files and declining revenues.
Author: Chris Pritcher
Topics: Nonprofit