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January 05, 2017
Search Engine Land

Three well-meaning paid search optimizations that might kill performance

I only recently learned of a Wikipedia page dedicated to inventors who were killed by their own inventions. That page is amazing, and if you end up leaving this article and just reading that list for the next half hour, I totally understand. But it got me thinking: what are some ways in which paid search managers end up killing their own campaigns as a result of their own optimization attempts?
Author: Andy Taylor
Topics: Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
December 22, 2016

How to Move from Campaigns to Conversations

Today, there is little tolerance for brand irrelevance. Buyers expect brands to engage in meaningful conversations during key moments of need. To meet their expectations, the industry must move away from siloed channel and product-level campaign thinking and more toward managing key customer interactions. These interactions come down to specific moments.
Author: Jennifer Perry
Topics: Customer Strategy
December 07, 2016
Search Engine Land

Recent changes to organic sitelinks cause major drops in impressions in Google Search Console

Google recently made some under-the-radar changes to sitelinks in the organic search results. The first change removed small sitelinks from below regular organic blue links that render for high search volume queries (Google has since fixed this glitch). The second change adjusted the number of large sitelinks being displayed for branded searches (this is most likely a test).
Author: Melody Petulla
Topics: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
November 23, 2016
The Financial Brand

Leveraging Data to Drive Personalized Experiences in Banking

One of marketers’ favorite buzzwords these days is the “consumer journey.” With more ways for consumers to engage than ever before, people can now interact with brands on their own terms and at their convenience. In other words, they chart their own journey. So how do financial institutions meet the consumer where they are?
Author: Darcy Hoffmann
Topics: Financial Services | Decisioning & Real-time Interaction Management
November 21, 2016
Chief Marketer

Striking Gold in B2B Lead Generation

In B2B lead generation, we’re all looking for gold. Picture John Sutter in January 1848, building the foundation for a lumber- and agriculture-based empire in the valleys of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, when engineer James Marshall, who was working at his lumber mill, notices this flaky gold stuff in the river bed.
Author: James Vander Putten
Topics: B2B