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August 01, 2016
Marketing Land

The path to one-to-one content marketing

If you’re familiar with my column, you know I have generally been focused on direct response, bottom-of-the-funnel (email) marketing that drives the consumer to action. That’s changing (a little). These last-click-attribution type marketing tactics are fun and easy because they are predictable.
Author: Jose Cebrian
Topics: Attribution
July 20, 2016
The Financial Brand

What Is ‘Addressability’? (And Why You Should Care)

Marketing in financial services is at a crossroads. Banks and credit unions find themselves at the intersection of two massive forces: rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, and a digital environment that pumps out oceans of data. Those financial marketers who are able to adapt will be in the best position to engage consumers and maximize their ROI. Which brings us to the subject of addressability.
Author: Brian Campbell
Topics: Financial Services
July 14, 2016
Ad Exchanger

An Ever-Expanding Marketing Funnel Creates More Opportunities For Personalization

With the celebrity sightings, gourmet food and entertainment and rosé wine flowing, it's easy to understand why many see events like Cannes Lions as a boondoggle. But I find it to be an incredibly efficient way to do business: In three days you can have 20 in-person meetings that would take all year to get scheduled.
Author: Craig Dempster
Topics: Decisioning & Real-time Interaction Management
June 27, 2016
Search Engine Land

Why retailers shouldn’t overreact to the voice search revolution

If recent accounts on the rise of voice search are anything to go by, the volume of long-tailed queries with more natural language and searches with a question is heading nowhere but up and to the right. This, the argument goes, should in turn impact our digital strategy as we strive to account for the inherent differences in typed search vs. voice search.
Author: Andy Taylor
Topics: Retail & Consumer Goods