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March 28, 2017

Myth or Reality: Exposing the Flaws in Fundraising

In Roger Craver’s recent blog post, he challenged the nonprofit industry to “rev up the discussion” around what he calls the clichéd dictum of mail more, raise more. He goes so far as to suggest that most direct response fundraisers are buying into the myth that the only way to effectively increase revenue is to mail more.
Author: Greg Fox
Topics: Nonprofit
March 17, 2017
Chief Marketer

How Big Data Can Improve B2B Lead Gen

In the world of B2B lead gen, the bickering between enterprise B2B marketing and sales organizations rarely ends. Each points the finger at the other’s shortfalls: Sales complains that “these leads are not what I need; I need buyers with intent,” and marketing responds “Why can’t you just do a better job at closing the leads we send you?”
Author: James Vander Putten
Topics: B2B
March 13, 2017
MarTech Today

Assessing the maturity of your organization’s messaging program

And no matter how far we’ve come in our messaging proficiency, there’s always room for improvement as markets and capabilities continue to evolve. To remain at the forefront of this evolution, it’s important for you to understand and address your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. You must step back and assess your organization’s maturity in the art of messaging.
Author: Jose Cebrian
Topics: Email Marketing & Digital Messaging
March 08, 2017
Customer Think

Customer Loyalty: That’s Where the Money Is

When Willie Sutton, a highly successful bank robber in the 1940s, was asked about why he robbed banks, he responded – “because that’s where the money is.” When data-driven marketing analytics was coming of age in the late 1990s, consultants of all stripes echoed Willie’s comments in their defense of a marketing mix that favored customer retention over customer acquisition.
Author: James Vander Putten
Topics: Promotions & Customer Loyalty Solutions
February 14, 2017
Martech Today

Marketers, think outside the list

As marketing evolves, it’s imperative that business leaders and marketers constantly assess their approaches and rethink their customer and prospect engagement strategies. I often write about customer data as corporate assets, but the language, tools and activities around customer data are changing. Shifting from lists to audiences
Author: Jose Cebrian
Topics: Performance Media & Digital Advertising