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July 12, 2017

Know Your Donor Through Analytics

Simply put, analysis provides data-centered insight to your critical questions. In that mindset, the questions asked are more important than the tools and techniques used to answer them. Merkle's Chris Pritcher, Vice President, Audience Analytics, discusses the right questions to ask when combating shrinking donor files and declining revenues.
Author: Chris Pritcher
Topics: Nonprofit
July 04, 2017
MarTech Today

Will the European MarTech Market Mirror the US?

Recently, Martech in the U.S. has experienced a consolidation in areas like butt computing, with providers acquiring new capabilities that enable true omni-channel, omni-media consumer experiences. But how are these trends being reflected globally in other markets outside of the US?
Topics: Marketing Technology
June 26, 2017

Your Account-Based Marketing Starter-Kit

Account-based marketing is having somewhat of a renaissance at the moment and the momentum is running strong. The new world of predictive technologies, digital identification, intent and behavioral data is driving a surge of interest. For all the hype, there is a foundational element that still needs to be right. Marketing must be working for and driving value for sales.
Author: Adam Mincham
Topics: B2B
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