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CRM 2.0: Customer Strategy as a Business Strategy

A Marketing Revolution

In the new digital world, customers have become more sophisticated in their buying behaviors, and how they interact across media and channels. Customers are now demanding high-quality engagement and expect to be at the center of a company’s strategies. The knee-jerk reaction of many companies to this changed dynamic has been to simply gather more customer data in the hopes of somehow learning how to regain control of a marketing revolution that’s already left the station. The fact is, customer-centricity is no longer an option; it is a business and financial imperative to gain competitive advantage.

Integrated Customer Marketing™: The Roadmap for the New Paradigm

Focusing on customer needs has long been the foundation of good marketing practice. But up until now, few companies have actually put the customer at the center of their organization’s overall strategies. Merkle’s ICM™ optimization approach provides the pathway for organizational change from CRM 1.0 to CRM 2.0. ICM™ allows your company to become more customer-centric by informing the total customer experience – from strategic lifecycle management and marketing mix optimization, to comprehensive program development and the optimization of individual campaigns.

Download The CRM 2.0 White Paper

Get your complimentary copy of Merkle’s new CRM 2.0 White Paper that outlines the key elements necessary for your organization to sustain competitive advantage in the new digital world.