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List Sourcing Optimization Point of View

Gone are the days of choosing lists based only on customer geography, demographics and segmentation, mixed with a little intuition and a gut feeling.  The influx of data types and sources, combined with massive amounts of existing historical information, has made list decision-making more complicated than ever before. To solve this challenging problem, Merkle has developed List Sourcing Optimizer (LSO), a comprehensive solution that leverages Merkle’s top-rated thought leadership in the areas of data integration, database, and advanced analytics.

Utilizing this expertise, LSO helps clients make informed, unbiased decisions about its data universes, using a data-agnostic, analytics-based approach to data sourcing. LSO builds a recommendation for the best set of lists to order for a given campaign, and the optimal order quantity for each list based on the client's business objectives. Merkle clients that have been using LSO have reported drastic data cost reductions, as well as improvements in overall campaign performance.