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The Ultimate Guide to International Technical SEO with Baidu for Google SEO Players

Globalization has been accelerated by the boom of the internet. With the rise of China's economy, the 700 million internet users in the forbidden country shall not be neglected by any international brand who wants to achieve global success and enjoy their buying power.

This guide is a comprehensive guide to Baidu SEO with the major challenges, Merkle's methodology, and the solutions we recommend. Let's start with getting to know Baidu as a search


Quick facts about Baidu as a search engine:

  • Largest Chinese search engine
  • Favors web page with Chinese language (UTF8 or GB2312/BIG5)
  • Crawls from Beijing, China (in most cases)
  • Separates indexations for desktop and mobile
  • Not a part of Schema.org project
  • JavaScript not rendered in most cases
  • Noindex and hreflang not supported
  • The canonical directive only used between desktop and mobile (or MIP) pages
  • Lots of images as thumbnails on the SERP