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The Amazon Advertising Flywheel Strategy Guide

2019 Edition

There’s a whole ecosystem to Amazon. And it’s filled with opportunity.

Last year, Amazon saw tremendous growth. It was a landmark year that has yielded great changes and improvements to Amazon’s Advertising product portfolio. Additionally, the company has expanded its advertising platform by investing in new features and several quality-of-life updates. These changes addressed pain points for current advertisers and have made it easier for those new to advertising on Amazon.

It’s important to understand that creating a successful Amazon business doesn’t happen by chance, nor does it happen overnight. Amazon is a complex ecosystem of interconnected products, where every decision can impact your broader Amazon business.

Being successful on Amazon requires:

  1. Intimate knowledge of the Amazon marketplace and its ever-changing competitive landscape.
  2. An integrated strategy that addresses each component of the Amazon advertising flywheel and brings together teams to support merchandising, marketing, advertising, the supply chain, and brand advocacy.
  3. Deliberate decision making with an understanding of the downstream impact

In this playbook, we will explain the Amazon advertising flywheel effect and its impact on vendors and sellers alike. We’ll dive into the three distinct components that comprise the Amazon advertising flywheel, including owned media, paid media, and earned media.