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Drive Profits with Personalized Experiences

An exploration of the most effective techniques

Studies have shown that it’s not unusual for data-driven personalization to increase sales by 10% and provide an ROI of 15+%

With that bit of knowledge alone, companies should be clambering to develop their own personalization programs. Unfortunately, that’s far easier said than actually done. When your company looks beyond marketing channels, business silos, and vendor technology, you start to realize that personalization can be developed and delivered in a number of different ways. Stepping back and looking at it holistically, personalization occurs within marketing, sales, services, and even product delivery.

Delivering personalized experiences means having relevant, seamless interactions with a consumer across an omni-channel ecosystem. Regardless of how the consumer chooses to engage with your company, some form of personalization should be considered.

To that end, this paper reviews seven of the most common techniques companies are leveraging to deliver one-to-one personalized experiences that drive relationships and develop loyalty. Download Drive Profits with Personalized Experiences today to learn how it can apply to your marketing efforts.

The Areas Covered

  • Brand
  • Product marketing
  • Experience
  • Collateral
  • Content
  • Product selection
  • Preferences