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Energizing the Local Rep Franchise

Pharmaceutical companies are creating competitive advantage through people-based marketing

A defined HCP communication strategy at the therapeutic and brand level is more important than ever for pharma. Given the rapidly evolving changes to our healthcare system, and the overwhelming volume of content HCPs are faced with daily across channels, pharma requires a new way of planning and a common strategy to better meet individual physician-level preferences across the increasingly fragmented, content-driven landscape.

As pharmaceutical companies engage with individual HCPs, reinforcing existing relationships with every interaction, as well as understanding and redefining the role of the pharmaceutical rep become increasingly important. The approach is to leverage all touch points into a people-based marketing framework, the context is customer centricity, and the solution just might be a rep franchise.

What you will learn:

  • The drivers (and the impact) of media saturation on HCP engagement
  • The foundational opportunities that accommodate a change in approach to HCP communication and engagement strategy
  • The tools and tactics that can be leveraged to re-think the traditional pharma engagement model
  • Steps you can take now, to effect mid and long-term impact of direct to HCP promotion