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The Future of Customer Engagement

What insurance market leaders need to know

The insurance customer's buying power has dramatically changed in the last ten years. Transactions that used to happen in person or during a web site visit are now taking place across multiple channels — starting in one channel and ending in another.

According to J.D. Power:

45 %
Auto insurance shoppers who use multiple channels online when purchasing a policy
40 %
Customers aged 18-24 who only buy insurance online


Today, customers demand exceptional service and instant gratification in all their interactions, including insurance. They hold the power to shop around, leave, share their experiences on social media, and generate a negative impact on your brand.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • 5 steps to transforming customer engagement
  • The principles of personalization and the ‘segment of one’
  • The ideal optimized omni-channel experience
  • How to figure out the next-best action for your customers

For your brand to deliver decisive interactions, you need a data-driven, decisioning foundation.

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