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The Curious Contradiction of Millennial Individualism

A marketer's guide to the Millennial psyche related to wearable tech

Conventional wisdom says Millennials are determined to be who they want to be as individuals. Our research finds that millennials are not exactly who we thought they were. 

Go beyond the behavioral (what they do) and attitudinal (how they feel) research that marketers typically use, and delve into millennials’ psyche to understand the personal relevance (why they do and feel) in their lives. This paper explores millennial and non-millennial values that drive purchase decisions, specifically in relation to wearable technology, offering critical insight for marketers trying to reach millennials or for those interested in progressive, impactful research approaches.

Download The Curious Contradiction of Millennial Individualism, which uses Merkle NeuroanalyticsTM insights to discover what's really behind the motivations of millennials.

Key Takeaways

  • Scientific exploration and data on the psyche of millennials
  • Practical application of that knowledge to your marketing