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Digitial Media Optimization

The 1-2-3 on digital media optimization

The digital world of today has changed the way brands interact with customers. Advanced audience targeting and ad inventory platforms are enabling marketers to achieve true personalization, using technology and analytics-driven optimization to improve online advertising.

Digital media optimization is both an art and a science. The process needs to start with the principles guiding each campaign and the media fundamentals. Each marketing organization is unique and requires its own custom approach.

This paper illustrates a best practice approach and framework to support digital marketing organizations in optimizing their exchange media by deploying the best methods and tools to meet their campaign-specific goals and objectives. This approach in rooted in a few key foundational principles focused on:

  1. Campaign guidelines
  2. The media framework
  3. Optimization levers

This first paper of a three-part series provides an overview of the approach and framework and offers best practices and tips for any organization looking to optimize its digital media.

Download our free white paper today to better understand the best practices of digital media optimization, an approach rooted in a few key foundational principles including campaign guidelines, the media framework and optimization levers.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimization levers and how best to pull them
  • Practical examples of optimization
  • Optimizing in a real-time bidding environment, in social media and with branding media
  • Tips for optimization
  • How to evaluate your strategy