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Mission Critical: Is Your Data Ready to Power Cross-Channel Attribution

These days, cross-channel attribution is seen by marketers as the Holy Grail of measurement. On the face of it, going with a cross-channel attribution solution feels like a no-brainer; who wouldn't want a more accurate measurement program?

Unfortunately, no matter how high-tech your tech stack or how ground-breaking your analytics and modeling work, no other factor will affect your solution more than the data you use for measurement. Your ability to measure performance is only as good as the data you feed your attribution solution, and if you feed it garbage, expect to measure garbage.

Download our latest whitepaper, Mission Critical: Is Your Data Ready to Power Cross-Channel Attribution, to learn how data collection, validation, and organization are critical to effective, reliable cross-channel measurement.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to approach attribution with data collection in mind
  • Strategies for rapidly improving data quality
  • How to structure and organize your data for easy analysis
  • Connecting your online and offline data to further improve attribution

Featured in the report:

An example of the consumer event stream across channels