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What Does "Data Quality" Really Mean?

Deep into the big data era, we continue to see a tremendous influx of discussion, articles, blogs, and white papers talking about collecting and analyzing data to drive competitive advantage. However, over the past five years, the marketing industry has been so focused on developing new technologies to handle data in both an online and offline world, it seems to have forgotten all about the quality of the data that feeds these technologies.

As a result, IT and marketing teams are feeling the impact of poor data quality and often are not well equipped with the necessary tools, experience, and knowledge to effectively manage data quality in a highly transactional data environment.

Download our white paper, What Does "Data Quality" Really Mean?, to learn about how to get a better handle on your data.

Key Takeaways

  • The importance of data quality
  • How to turn data quality in to a business advantage

Featured in this report:

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