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4 Strategic Steps to Omni-Channel Personalization

Over the last decade or so, marketing experts have presented a number of strategies and ideas designed to help brands become more customer-centric. These evolving philosophies use words and phrases like “one-to-one,” “right message, right time, right channel, right person,” “personalization,” “multi-channel,” “people-based,” and “omni-channel.”

The exciting thing for marketers is that such once aspirational ideas have slowly become reality. We have moved from one-to-all to one-to-few, with some brands reaching the elusive one-to-one. But while some companies have already started to narrow down the “right message for the right person,” many are still struggling with the “right channel at the right time.” With the seemingly insurmountable barriers to achieving true people-based marketing, for many brands, the idea of integrated omni-channel personalization is still little more than that – an idea.

Download Four Strategic Steps to Omni-Channel Personalization to learn the four essential steps required to move your marketing needle toward the elusive omni-channel status.

Key Takeaways

  • How you can audit your personalization program
  • How to optimize the “easy” channels
  • Integrating some of the most complex channels