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Selecting a Data Management Platform

Look before you leap

Data management platforms, commonly known as DMPs, are cookie and device ID-based data warehouses, analogous to the customer relationship marketing (CRM) databases of the offline world. They capture and store cookie and device ID data from a variety of sources including web properties, paid media, and offline data. Over the past few years, awareness around the value of first-party customer data and the importance of cross-channel campaigns has fueled the adoption of DMPs across all industry verticals, led by financial services, retail, and high tech.

DMP technology is continuously evolving to make more functionalities available to end users. Selecting the right platform is paramount to the success of your marketing initiatives. This white paper, the first in a series focused on data management platforms, includes key guidelines for evaluating DMP vendors to ensure you are making the best decision for your organization.

Download Selecting a Data Management Platform - Look Before You Leap today.

Key Takeaways

  • GuidelinesĀ in selecting a vendor right for your organization
  • Considering your analytics and reporting needs
  • Considering the user experience and workflows