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People-Based Marketing: CRM in the Digital Age

Definition, Landscape, Vendor Selection

Customer relationship marketing (CRM) is focused on the ability to leverage data to acquire, cross-sell, retain, and re-acquire customers with great investment precision.

Historically limited to mail, phone, and email interactions, CRM principles today extend to other media and channels and can be applied in the new world of people-based marketing (PBM). With the massive scale of digital, providers of marketing services and solutions are integrating more data, drawing deeper insights, and delivering increasingly complex customer journeys.

And in the process, they are becoming more entrenched than ever in the businesses they serve. This paper provides an overview of the capabilities, service providers, and solution providers needed to drive successful enterprise-level PBM.

Download to learn about: 

  • The landscape and capabilities for people-based marketing
  • Industry information from Salesforce, Marketo and destinationCRM.com
  • Industry reports on players
  • PBM partners to consider