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Maximum Recognition, Minimal Effort

How financial services can meet millennials' emotional needs

As millennials age, financial services marketers are keen on gaining their business. But before brands can position themselves as the best choice for this generation, they must understand why millennials buy the brands they buy.

This paper explores the underlying motivations that drive millennial purchases in three financial services categories: auto insurance, mortgage lending, and digital wallets. With a fascinating look into the millennial mindset, it explores unexpected insights that offer marketers a unique and effective path to resonate with this elusive group.  

Download Maximum Recognition, Minimal Effort: How Financial Services Can Meet Millennials’ Emotional Needs to see how Merkle’s Neuroanalytics™ insights can impact your millennial relationships. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Millennial Opportunity
  • Millennial Insights Across Auto Insurance, Mortgage Lending, and Digital Wallets Products
  • What Does This Mean to Marketers?
  • Financial Services Use Cases

Figures from this report:

The customer decision map for auto insurance

The customer decision map for mortgages

The customer decision map for digital wallet