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Five People-Based Health Marketing Strategies

A guide to improving competitive advantage and health outcomes

Real-time automation will increase the rate at which we can change customer behavior, improve health outcomes and drive business impact. In 2016, healthcare marketers will plan, personalize, and execute marketing cycles faster than ever before. With newly onboarded automation capabilities, omni-channel teams will convert insights into performance and harness the value of their most important assets: their customer relationships.

The breakthrough for healthcare marketers is the ability to pinpoint target audiences and deliver experiences specific to individuals across a structured brand journey. Big and small health brands alike will shift dollars to addressable media—which increases effectiveness and measurability—especially in capabilities such as addressable search, programmatic display, and social.

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The Five Strategies

  1. Accelerating your planning cycles
  2. Motivating with brand storytelling
  3. Reimagining behavior change
  4. Planning for next gen immersion
  5. Disrupting with unique partnerships

Featured in this report:

Accelerated strategic planning and response cycle