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SEO for E-Commerce: The Fundamental Guide to Search in 2017

With the increased complexities of SEO management, it can be difficult to keep up with best practices, updates, and upcoming changes. Especially for retailers, the rapid, ever-evolving world of SEO requires a solid grasp of where things have been and where they are going. SEO for E-Commerce: The Fundamental Guide to Search in 2017 is the ultimate playbook for reviewing 2016 and for starting out ahead in 2017.

From mobile to local to HTTPS, this guide provides SEOs with actionable strategies for e-commerce in 2017. Google’s focus on structured data, best practices for accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and progressive web apps (PWAs) are included, among additional intelligence for advances in organic search.

Report Overview

Search engine optimization is based on unchanging principles. Design for the user, provide value, and communicate clearly.

Those concepts are extracted into strategies for efficient crawling, content optimization and ranking improvements but the webmaster’s goal is unchanged: create an edge by providing value to searchers. In 2017, the new frontiers include many of the projects that have been in development for years. Mobile is still important, local strategies are still based on the same types of information sharing, and basic performance review and planning are all crucial to driving success in the new year.

Much of what is important now is not new, it is just becoming more sophisticated. Brands that find competitive advantage will be the ones that can provide incremental value to shoppers by expertly using the tools they have at their disposal – those outlined as priorities for 2017.

Featured in the report: