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Shopper Expectations 2015

Increase the Value of Every Customer Engagement

Over the past several years, digital technology has infiltrated nearly every part of our lives. Many retailers feared the store would become obsolete in the digital era as shoppers looked to digital shopping for convenience and price benefits. In our latest consumer survey of over 2000 consumers in the US, we have actually found the opposite to be true.

The store is more relevant than ever. The reality is that the digital world and physical stores are converging, giving retailers an opportunity to know their customers and engage in ways viewed as impossible only a few years ago.

This study examines consumers’ behaviors and expectations and identifies digital strategies, both simple and complex, that retail marketers can implement now to better understand their customers, effectively driving deeper customer relationships and seeing higher revenue today and in the years to come.

Merkle surveyed 2,000 consumers to better understand the behaviors and expectations of shopping in the digital age. Explore consumer sentiment on topics such as mobile shopping, influences to purchase decisions, personalization, and expectations of the omni-channel experience.

Report Highlights

  • Retail realities and marketing challenges
  • The value of mobile "real estate"
  • Email and store associates, and why they are still important
  • The connection between trust and personalization
  • Finding the path to true loyalty

Featured in this report:

Privacy breaches and shopping location