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Loyalty Outlook 2018

Over the past several months, Merkle examined how brands in different industries can keep pace with the evolution in loyalty solutions by adopting strategies specific to their unique business envir

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Three Reasons Brands Can't Afford to Ignore Millennial Women

Millennials now hold more purchasing power than any other segment.

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Talking Personalization, Part 4

In this series, we’ve interviewed our martech experts to better understand what’s happening in personalization. Here, Matt Mobley, SVP, Technology, Merkle, shares his perspective on personalization, which is surprisingly not necessarily tech-focused.
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How Identity Resolution Enhances a Customer Data Platform

The purpose of a CDP is to collect all available customer data, first, second, and third-party, batch or streaming into one central location to serve marketing needs; all in real time. The ideal CDP is a tool for receiving both your known customers and anonymous, digital customers.
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How does Machine Learning Fit into Content Optimization?

Good content creation always considers audience or business interest with specific problems. As a content marketer, it’s worth your while to embrace the approaches covered here to engage your audience in a relevant and meaningful way.
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Amazon to launch ad-supported video service

The video offering, via Amazon subsidiary IMDb, is the latest effort by the e-commerce giant to corner a bigger share of the $70bn TV ad market in the US, and was first reported earlier this summer by The Information.