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What I Learned from Building a College Basketball Bracket Prediction Model Last Year

Last year, I used many of the analytical tools and skills I developed while working with clients at Merkle, and I combined them with my personal passion for basketball, to build a prediction model

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Digital Bowl Report V

Top brands featured in this year's report include: Budweiser, TurboTax, Tide, Avocados from Mexico, Bud Light, Groupon, Stella Artois, Pringles, Doritos, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and more.

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What’s going on with Google brand CPC?

Brands may be at Google’s mercy when it comes to the price of branded traffic, but Columnist Andy Taylor outlines steps they can take to reduce their CPC pain.
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5 Key Things to Watch as Facebook Reports Earnings

Though Facebook (FB) shares slipped a bit in early January thanks to worries about planned news feed changes, they're still above where they traded before a strong Q3 report was shared (along with very aggressive 2018 spending plans) in early November, and up about 40% over the last 12 months.
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Demystifying Agency Data Platforms

Advertisers want to market using the type of rich data provided by walled gardens – but that’s not possible on the open web. So the major holding companies have each developed data platforms to meet their clients’ needs.
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Winning on Amazon, Beyond the Buy Box

With 85 million Prime subscribers and counting, e-commerce giant Amazon is one of the first stops for online shoppers in the US leading retailers to ask, “How do I go to market with Amazon?” For retailers, relatively new to advertising on Amazon, there is a lot of knowledge to gain, especially as it relates t