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Boost Responsive Performance with Image Optimization

Looking to improve the performance of a responsive site? Begin by funneling your efforts into image optimization. The average website devotes 70% of its data-size to images, which means attention spans and data plans everywhere will thank you for putting your imagery on a digital diet.
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Getting Requirements Right the First Time

As business systems analysts, our primary function is to elicit and document solution requirements. We start with broad business objectives. Secondly, we narrow in on specific marketing objectives.
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Naver vs. Google AdWords

Among major search engines and paid search platforms across the globe, Naver, a South Korean search engine, provides quite a different experience when compared to others, especially Google AdWords. Learn about some of the different ad formats that you can use to advertise on Naver.
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A Luxury Daily Woman to Watch, Kristy LaPlante

Kristy LaPlante is one of only 25 leaders in luxury marketing to be given an honor by Luxury Daily, through inclusion in their annual list of “Luxury Women to Watch 2015.” We couldn’t be more proud!
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We're Up and Running — Now What?

It’s time to go live. Your team has been through the weeds with your vendor of choice for months now. Your requirements have been gathered, your solution has been built and it’s almost time to take it out for a spin. You couldn’t be happier. And neither could your vendor.
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Is My Car Going to Tell Me I am Fat?

The Internet of Things is at a tipping point, and it will soon give companies the ability to collect an enormous amount of data. That dawning reality poses a challenge for marketers. Are you ready to capitalize on the Internet of Things while also being sensitive to your customers' privacy expectations.
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