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Loyalty Outlook 2018

Over the past several months, Merkle examined how brands in different industries can keep pace with the evolution in loyalty solutions by adopting strategies specific to their unique business envir

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Three Reasons Brands Can't Afford to Ignore Millennial Women

Millennials now hold more purchasing power than any other segment.

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Remarketing Best Practices

As the amounts of customer data, devices, and potential brand touchpoints increase, marketers can gain an edge by integrating their approach to data, content design, and cross-channel delivery. Most marketers know that abandoned shopping cart emails, for example, regularly achieve 50%+ open rates.
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Tips for Selecting an Onboarding/Activation Partner

Customer data onboarding has become a gold standard practice for today’s marketers working to achieve people-based marketing at scale. Most companies understand what it is, and what the benefits are, but often overlooked are the intricacies and rigor involved in the partner selection process.
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Why the Single Customer View is The Essential Core of Retail Loyalty

Across every category, retailers are awash in customer data. However daunting or intensive the data collection and alignment process may seem, it ultimately yields one of the most important assets a brand or retailer can have: the single customer view.
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EmblemHealth’s 2018 Medicare Annual Enrollment Case Study

Join us for a webinar to learn how EmblemHealth reduced member acquisition costs by over 50% through best-in-class people-based marketing. EmblemHealth has been partnering with Merkle in a long-standing relationship that began with a marketing database build and a series of acquisition campaigns.
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Talking Personalization, Part 3

We sit down with Alex Yoder, EVP, Analytics at Merkle to focus on the critical role that data plays in the ability to deliver personalization.