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Facebook’s Data Privacy Changes and What You Need to Know

A lot has happened in the last few weeks to cause abrupt changes in how Facebook handles the personal data of its more than 2 billion users.

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Three Reasons Brands Can't Afford to Ignore Millennial Women

Millennials now hold more purchasing power than any other segment.

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Audience-Targeted Ads Generate 1 in 3 Google Paid Search Clicks in Q1

The use of audience targeting in Google search ads has been growing rapidly of late, details Merkle in its latest Digital Marketing Report covering Q1 2018 [download page]. The study reveals that ads targeted to specific audiences accounted for one-third (34%) of search ad clicks at the end of Q1 2018.
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Your Technology Is Not Your Customer Strategy

In nearly every one of my technology consulting engagements with enterprise clients, I’ve seen a trend: marketing technology is purchased and executed without a customer strategy to guide it.
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A Marketer's Guide to Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is a nuanced concept. And, its different than identity management. In this report, learn: the role of identity resolution, how to onboard data and activate audiences on publishers and platforms, and ways to develop an integrated process for measurement and insights.
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Emailing Your Customers: When Is It Too Much?

In our rapidly evolving digital marketing ecosystem, email has remained a staple among marketers. It is widely used as an effective non-personal channel for both consumers and HCPs. But if you're wondering if you're sending too much, you're not alone.