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Loyalty Outlook 2018

Over the past several months, Merkle examined how brands in different industries can keep pace with the evolution in loyalty solutions by adopting strategies specific to their unique business envir

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Three Reasons Brands Can't Afford to Ignore Millennial Women

Millennials now hold more purchasing power than any other segment.

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NEMOA Spring 2007 Conference

I'm pleased to be speaking at the Spring 2007 NEMOA conference at the Royal Sonesta in Boston, 3/21/07.
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MSFT Search Woes

Microsoft continues to lose search market share. And switching from serving Yahoo ads to their own AdCenter paid search system has decreased revenue per search. Ouch.
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Amazon Places Keywords in URLS

When the world's largest web retailer begins placing product names in urls for organic SEO benefit, that is noteworthy.
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Masayuki Kido: Roxik

Incredible and strange online art from Masayuki Kido.
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Inc. Magazine On Second Life: Empty Calories

Readers would have been better served if Inc. magazine treated their February cover story on Second Life like a real business article, rather than a social phenomenon piece.