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Loyalty Outlook 2018

Over the past several months, Merkle examined how brands in different industries can keep pace with the evolution in loyalty solutions by adopting strategies specific to their unique business envir

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Three Reasons Brands Can't Afford to Ignore Millennial Women

Millennials now hold more purchasing power than any other segment.

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Rant: Keep Users On Your Domain

We live in the age of phishing. Use DNS to keep visitors seeing your domain whenever possible. Flipping them over to strange URLs creates fear and doubt.
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Farewell, Google SOAP Search API

In a play for ad revenue, Google is making the world's information slightly less universally accessible and slightly less useful. On December 5th, Google quietly stopped accepting new sign-ups for the Google SOAP Search API.
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Rant: Amazon's Poor Site Search

User testing shows search is the most important navigation path for online shoppers. Poor site search is inexcusable in 2006. So why is search so poor at Amazon? They own A9, for goodness sakes!
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Connections, Blog Tag, and Links

On October 18th, English writer Sharon Jacobsen writes a blog post called Collecting People. Fast forward sixty-seven days: "blog tag" has gone viral, with 15,000+ posts across the web. Could you or your business create an idea so good it spreads like a virus?
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What We're Reading: "Linked", by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

Why do early hubs like Yahoo have a tremendous advantage? How can later entrants like Google ever sieze share? Why is the internet robust to random damage but vulnerable to terrorist attack? Why did AIDS spread so rapidly? Why are a handful of hub genes involved in so many traits?
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DonorsChoose is website which allows teachers to request mini-grants from donors, and donors to help fund those grants, though gift certificates and additional donations. Kudos to Yahoo for supporting this non-profit group, and in turn, supporting schools across the country.
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WordPress as CMS: Scope and Initial Progress

We're migrating our corporate brochureware site to Wordpress. A few days into the project, we discuss project scope, plugins, url structures. Progress is slow due to the holidays but no major bumps in the road so far.